Over the last few months we’ve been sharing insights from behind the scenes at Harrogate Steel, putting the spotlight our team members who help us to add value to each and every project we deliver, from tender stage through to installation.

This week we’re focussed on our longest standing employee Andy Hadley, who has been with us since our first day in business, back in June 2017. Andy’s official job title is ‘Office Administrator’, but his role involves a much wider remit, undertaking a multitude of tasks including purchasing and accounts. He is involved in every element of our business keeping the wheels in motion, to ensure our portfolio of successful projects continues to increase and diversify in line with our ambitious growth aspirations.

We asked Andy to give us an outline of what it’s like to be such an integral part of the Harrogate Steel team:

“My role is varied and I get involved in the tasks right across our structural steel and architectural metalwork business. Once the team has created a technical drawing of a project, I source quotes from our suppliers and determine the lead time for fabrication at our workshop. We’re often working to tight deadlines so it’s important that our quotes are not only the right price but will also be delivered on schedule, so that we don’t create any delays to the site programme.

We have a core, trusted set of suppliers who I’m regularly in contact with to secure the best prices. These relationships are key as they really are an extension of our team so it’s important to be confident that everyone is on the same page and is working collaboratively to ensure the success of every project, allowing us to always deliver the highest quality service.

I’ve been with Harrogate Steel since day one in 2017 and it’s been really exciting to be part of the journey so far as the business evolves and expands. Richard and Dan have been so supportive of my career and I know that my expertise is valued and considered important in the future plans for the business.

Richard comments:

“Both Dan and I have worked with Andy for the past thirteen years and it was important to us that he was part of the Harrogate Steel team from the very start. Andy’s role involves much more than that of a traditional Office Administrator, he’s a fundamental part of the business and the senior management team values and seeks out his opinion and input on a wide range of important issues.”

Harrogate Steel works with a number of leading, mid-sized to large contractors across the UK on both structural and architectural metalwork projects, watch this space for further updates on our expert and valued team.

If you are interested in joining the Harrogate Steel team, find out more about current vacancies HERE.