Our Operations Manager Eddie Roberts is hitting the local, regional and national headlines with his new illuminated steel artwork sculpture which has been unveiled in the town’s Valley Gardens to ‘Welcome the World’ for the UCI World Cycling Championships later this month.

Eddie’s business Cult-ore Art, which he runs from the Harrogate Steel factory, was commissioned to create the iconic piece by Harrogate Borough Council and Harrogate International Festivals. The unveiling coincides with the launch of Cult-ore Art’s new brand and website as the demand for Eddie’s one-of-a-kind pieces for homes, gardens and businesses across the UK continues to rise.

The stunning sculpture honours the 100+ wells across the borough, celebrating Harrogate’s spa heritage. The circular steel structure was designed to allow a light display to filter through it, creating a dramatic cultural talking point at the site of 36 unique mineral springs in the gardens which make the location unlike any other known place on earth. The finished result reflects the Magmatic and Plutonic waters which never existed as rain, flowing deep beneath the earth for 20,000 years before surfacing through vertical shafts in the strata.


Harrogate International Festivals chief executive Sharon Canavar said: “The UCI is bringing hundreds of thousands of people to the town and, with the eyes of the world watching, this is Harrogate’s chance to shine. Our beautiful town owes its fame and fortune to the large number of mineral water wells that converge in a relatively small area. For our part, we have taken the waters that ‘made’ Harrogate as our inspiration, and Harrogate 1571 is a unique celebration of our spa heritage, demonstrating that there’s definitely something in the water here in Harrogate! This is one of our most exciting projects to date, and to reach this stage has taken a lot of hard work and the co-operation. The installation has been brought to life thanks to the skills of Eddie Roberts from Cult-ore, and James Bawn from Element 3 Design.”


Harrogate Borough Council chief executive Wallace Sampson said: “Whereas Rome was built on seven hills, Harrogate was built on water! Our architecture, reputation, concert halls and hotels all rose from this life-giving element. It’s the very reason why people came to the town in the first place. And when they visited many decided to make it their home too. Harrogate International Festivals is to be congratulated for this inspirational illuminating installation. And when the UCI has ridden out of town, the good news is this feature will be in situ for many months to come.”


Stanley Lumley, Harrogate Borough Council’s Cabinet member for culture, tourism and sport, said: “The Valley Gardens is a powerful magnet for visitors and residents alike, and this unique light installation will add another dimension our ‘jewel in Harrogate’s crown’.”


Here at Harrogate Steel, we’re obviously passionate about steel as a versatile and powerful material and are very proud of our links to this exciting project and our continued support of Cult-ore Art by Eddie Roberts. Visit the new website now www.cult-ore.com.