At Harrogate Steel we do everything we can to support our expert, professional team in fulfilling their potential so we are proud to back our Operations Manager Eddie Roberts’ new business venture in bespoke metal sculpture.

Eddie recently featured in the Yorkshire Post’s ‘My Passion’ feature with his new business Cult-ore Art which designs, crafts and installs unique metal structures in homes, gardens and businesses across the UK. Sculptures and installations from Cult-ore Art are designed and crafted by Yorkshire-based artist Eddie Roberts, who has a passion for reforming metal to reflect the ‘founding lines’ in nature, architecture and geometry.

Before joining Harrogate Steel, Eddie studied metal fabrication and sculpture at universities around the world. After years of travelling the world in a variety of professions, he always had his art in the background and decided to pursue his passion for sculpture seriously as a career when he reached a defining moment in his life after meeting his biological parents.

Eddie says:“My work is inspired by the world around us and the emotions we experience. Family, architecture and nature all influence the design process and the result is artwork for all – a legacy piece that will resonate with everyone that encounters it.

Cult-ore Art’s one of a kind sculptures are designed and crafted by Eddie at the Harrogate Steel factory and are featured in locations around the UK including luxury hotels and premium residential properties.

The company’s new branding and website will be launching soon, watch this space!